Portable Satellite Dish – Experience TV Anywhere with Maxview Remora 40

The Maxview Remora 40, a portable satellite dish kit, is designed for caravans, motorhomes, trucks, boats, and horseboxes. With its high performance suction cups and easy assembly, it promises to enhance your TV viewing experience while on the go.

Portable Satellite Dish : High Performance Suction Cups

high performance suction cups. easy to assemble and disassemble. compact design, easy to store 5 m flexible coaxial cable and satellite compass. Included components: Remora satellite mirror, 5 m flexible coaxial cable, satellite compass, elevation ca...
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Its high performance suction cups make the Maxview MXL026 Remora 40 Suction Mounted Portable Solid Satellite TV Dish Kit stand out. These suction cups are designed to securely attach the satellite mirror to any smooth and flat surface, such as a caravan, motorhome, truck, boat, or horsebox. The strong suction power ensures that the satellite mirror stays in place, even during travel or windy conditions. This feature provides convenience and peace of mind for users, as they can easily set up their satellite TV dish without the need for additional mounting hardware.

Satellite Dish Portable: Easy Assembly and Disassembly

Satellite Dish Portable

The easy assembly and disassembly process are another notable aspect of the Maxview MXL026 Remora 40. The instructions included with the product are clear and user-friendly, allowing for quick and hassle-free setup. Users have reported that the setup took only a few minutes, saving them valuable time during their outdoor adventures. Additionally, the compact design of the satellite dish makes it easy to store and transport when not in use. This feature is especially beneficial for those who frequently move or travel with their satellite TV equipment.

Flexible Coaxial Cable and Satellite Compass

Satellite Dish Portable

Included with the Maxview MXL026 Remora 40 are a 5-meter flexible coaxial cable and a satellite compass. The flexible cable provides versatility in positioning the satellite mirror, allowing users to find the optimal signal reception location. The included satellite compass helps users determine the correct alignment for optimal signal strength. These accessories enhance the user experience by providing the necessary tools for a successful satellite TV setup. So assuming you have a power to your TV it’s all systems go!

Satellite Dish Portable: Attachment Suckers Limitation

Satellite Dish Portable

Although the Maxview MXL026 Remora 40 has received positive reviews for its performance, some users have reported issues with the attachment suckers. Despite being set on perfectly clean, smooth, and flat surfaces, the attachment suckers occasionally fail and cause the satellite mirror to detach. This limitation can be frustrating for users, as it affects the overall reliability of the product. It is important for potential buyers to consider this aspect before making a purchase.

Satellite Dish Portable: Compatibility with Freesat

Notably, the single input LNB of the Maxview MXL026 Remora 40 does not work with Freesat. If you have a dual input LNB, it would be beneficial for compatibility. This information is crucial for users who rely on Freesat for their satellite TV needs, as it may affect their decision to purchase this particular product.

Satellite Dish Portable: Attachment to Motorhome Limitations

Attaching the Maxview MXL026 Remora 40 to a motorhome has proven to be difficult for some users. Despite efforts to secure the satellite mirror to the side of the motorhome, it has fallen off multiple times, resulting in damage. This limitation highlights the importance of ensuring a firm attachment at all times, especially for users who plan to use the product on motorhomes or other vehicles.

Overall Value and Reception Quality

Despite some limitations, the Maxview MXL026 Remora 40 has been praised for its value and reception quality. Users have found that the product delivers on its promise of providing a good reception and relatively simple assembly and alignment. The affordable price point adds to its appeal, making it a cost-effective choice for those in need of a portable satellite TV dish.


  • High performance suction cups provide a strong and secure attachment to smooth surfaces, ensuring stability during use.
  • Easy assembly and disassembly make it convenient to set up and pack away, saving time and effort.
  • The compact design allows for easy storage, making it ideal for those with limited space.


  • Some users have reported issues with the attachment suckers failing frequently, even when placed on clean and flat surfaces.
  • The dish may have difficulty finding the perfect placement on sloping surfaces or corners, limiting its effectiveness in certain situations.
  • The single input LNB does not work with Freesat, so users with a dual input LNB would benefit more.

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In conclusion, the Maxview Remora 40 offers a great idea implemented correctly. The clear instructions and easy setup make it a convenient option for those who want to enjoy UK TV while abroad. However, the attachment suckers’ reliability issue and the limited availability of flat surfaces for placement can be frustrating. Additionally, the single input LNB may not work with Freesat, so having a dual input LNB would be beneficial. Despite these drawbacks, the product provides good reception and is relatively simple to assemble and align. Just be sure to firmly attach it at all times to avoid it falling off. Overall, the Maxview Remora 40 is a decent option for portable satellite TV, but it may not be suitable for everyone’s needs.

Questions & Answers:

Question: Can the dish be easily attached to a motorhome?

Answer: Yes, the dish can be attached to a motorhome using the high performance suction cups. However, some users have reported that it may not stay attached securely and can fall off.

Question: Is the assembly process complicated?

Answer: No, the dish is easy to assemble and disassemble. The included instructions are clear and easy to follow, and the setup takes only a few minutes.

Question: Does the dish provide good reception?

Answer: Yes, many users have reported good reception and image quality. However, it is important to ensure that the dish is firmly attached at all times to prevent any signal loss.

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