Caravan Wireless Reversing Camera Roundup

Caravan owners and vehicle enthusiasts, get ready to enhance your driving and parking experience with our roundup of top-notch wireless reversing cameras. These reliable devices offer easy installation, excellent picture quality, and superior night vision, ensuring a safer and more convenient journey.

The Rohent Wireless Reversing Camera HD 1080P is a standout choice for anyone in need of a reliable Caravan Wireless Reversing Camera. With its easy installation, wireless transmission, and excellent picture quality, it greatly enhances the driving and parking experience. The waterproof and night vision capabilities provide added confidence and security on the road. I highly recommend considering the Rohent R3 for its reliability, features, and overall value for money.

  • Upgraded Split Screen: The wireless reversing camera has a split screen feature, allowing you to connect multiple cameras and view them simultaneously. This is great for larger vehicles like vans or caravans.
  • Easy and Time-Saving Installation: The installation process for this wireless reversing camera is simple and quick. You can power the monitor using the cigarette lighter outlet or fuse box, and connect the camera to a continuous power source. This saves time and eliminates the need for complex wiring.
  • IP69 Waterproof Camera: The license plate camera is IP69 waterproof, ensuring that it can withstand all weather conditions. It also has a 150-degree wide viewing angle, providing a larger visible area for enhanced safety, even at night.
  • Buttons on the Back of the Unit: The smaller 5-inch screen has buttons located on the back, making it slightly inconvenient to make changes or adjustments compared to a front-facing button layout.
  • Compatibility with Existing Cameras: If you already have cameras from the same company, they may not be compatible with this system. This means you may need to swap out cameras rather than simply connecting the smaller screen to your existing ones.
  • Frame Rate: Some users mentioned that the frame rate of the camera can be a bit jerky at times. While it is still clear and smooth enough for most purposes, it may not provide the smoothest video quality.

The AUTO-VOX CS-2 Wireless Reversing Camera kit is a top-notch Caravan Wireless Reversing Camera option. It exceeds expectations with its performance, ease of installation, and durability. The stable signal transmission, vivid image restoration, and superior night vision make it a reliable parking assistant. I highly recommend this product to van owners, truck drivers, camping car enthusiasts, and RV users who seek a wireless reversing camera that offers convenience and safety.

  • Stable Digital Signal Transmission: The AUTO-VOX CS-2 reversing camera kit uses point-to-point digital transmission technology, eliminating signal instability and flashing screens.
  • Vivid Image Restoration: With the specially designed PC1058 sensor, this camera provides clear and smooth images without over-saturated colors or distortions.
  • Superior Night Vision & Durable Camera: The 5-full glass lens and 0.1 lumen rating ensure clear images in both daylight and low-light environments. The IP68 waterproof camera is also durable and can withstand extreme temperatures.
  • Glare at Night: Some users have reported glare at night, which may be due to reflection on the windscreen as the camera is designed to be mounted outside.
  • Confusing Instruction Manual: A few customers have found the instruction manual confusing, especially if English is not their first language.
  • No Sound Warning: The camera does not come with a sound warning feature, which some users may prefer for added safety.

The DOUXURY Wireless Reversing Camera offers great value for money and is an essential accessory for any vehicle, including caravans. Its easy installation, wide-angle view, and reliable wireless signal make it a reliable choice. The excellent customer service, including a 60-day money-back guarantee and a 12-month replacement warranty, further enhance the overall experience. Despite a few minor signal strength issues reported by some customers, the DOUXURY Wireless Reversing Camera remains highly reliable and functional.

  • Safer Driving & Parking
  • Easy to Install
  • Stable & Strong Signal
  • Signal Struggles at Longer Distances
  • Lack of Installation Instructions
  • Bulkhead Interference


The Rohent Wireless Reversing Camera Bluetooth – R8 is a highly reliable and high-quality Caravan Wireless Reversing Camera. Its advanced features, such as the dual-antenna digital signal, wide-angle lens, and superior night vision, make it an excellent choice for enhancing driving safety. The three-year technical support and quality warranty provided by Rohent further add peace of mind. This wireless reversing camera system is highly recommended for caravans, motorhomes, campers, vans, and trailers.

  • The wireless reversing camera system has a dual-antenna digital signal, ensuring stable and reliable connections.
  • It has a recording function, allowing you to use it for reverse only or constant monitoring. It can also be connected to a wide range of power sources.
  • The camera has a wide viewing angle of 150 degrees and 18 infrared lamp beads for excellent visibility, even in low light conditions.
  • The supplied cameras are heavy-duty, which may not be suitable for all vehicles or preferences.
  • The system could benefit from a smaller camera specifically designed for the reverse camera function.
  • No other cons were mentioned in the review.

The Dolphin Automotive Motorhome Van Dual Twin 12v Commercial Reversing Reverse Rear View Parking Camera is a must-have for any vehicle owner, including those with caravans. It exceeds expectations with its reliable performance, easy installation process, and the added convenience of a 7″ mirror monitor. The positive reviews from other customers validate its quality and effectiveness. For a reliable and versatile rearview camera system, I highly recommend considering this product.

  • The Dolphin Automotive Motorhome Van Dual Twin 12v Commercial Reversing Reverse Rear View Parking Camera provides dual rear reversing and parking camera views, allowing you to see straight behind and the rear bumper simultaneously.
  • The adjustable mounting bracket of the camera allows you to angle it according to your preference, providing flexibility in positioning. It also includes infrared LEDs for enhanced night vision.
  • The package includes two long 10m Phono/RCA cables for easy connection to the monitor, as well as two independent power leads. This ensures a seamless installation process.
  • Some customers mentioned that the cameras are larger than expected, which may be an issue for certain mounting locations, such as the high-level brake light housing.
  • On very sunny days, there may be glare from inside the vehicle, which can affect the visibility of the ordinary reversing camera. It is recommended to tilt the camera down in such conditions.
  • There were no specific negative reviews mentioned in the provided text.

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